Make 2019 the

Year of the Trademark

Protect your brand. Protect your work.


Do any of these sound familiar?

You are scared of copycats

You don’t know what part of your branding to trademark

You are overwhelmed when you think about getting a trademark

Your brand name & logo are everything ~ the thought of losing them to a copycat is terrifying

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Trademarks Simplified About Kara Jensen Zitnick

Trademarks Simplified begins March 12, 2019. New Program Modules will be released in the Program Portal each week for 6 weeks. The Live Q&A Call schedule will be posted in the Program Portal. A few days after enrollment, you will receive instructions to access the Program Portal, as well as pre-course homework.

 This program is not for you if:

  • You haven’t moved past the idea stage

  • You don’t have a business name or logo

  • You haven’t sold anything

  • You don’t have a website or marketing materials or a social media presence under a brand name

  • You are not a self-study person

  • You are a Done For You person

Questions You May Have

How long is this Program? Trademarks Simplified is a 6-module program, taught over a period of 6 weeks. You will have access to the program content for as long as the course exists.

Am I guaranteed to get a registered trademark? While I cannot guarantee that the application(s) you file as a result of this Program will be approved and registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, I promise I will teach you all that I know and have learned in successfully registering hundreds of applications.

Will you file my application for me? No. This course is teaching YOU how to do it yourself.

How many applications can I file during this Program? You are free to file as many applications as you would like to during the program. You are responsible for paying your own USPTO filing fees.

Is the USPTO filing fee included in the price? No. USPTO filing fees are paid by the person or company who files the application.

How do I know what part of my brand to file a trademark application for? Inside the Program, I show you how to identify which parts of your brand need trademark protection. I also show you how to prioritize trademark filing so that you don’t have to do multiple applications at once, unless you want to.

Is having a trademark really that big of a deal? Brands that have a registered trademark instantly add value to the brand and to the bottom line, as a registered trademark is considered an asset.