Trademarks Just Got Easy

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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I think I need a trademark for my business, but I’m not sure.

  • Between Google and YouTube and blogs, I’ve researched so much, I am completely overwhelmed.

  • I want to protect my brand, but I don’t know if I can afford to hire a trademark attorney.

  • Where would I find a trademark attorney?

  • What part of my brand would I ‘trademark’? my logo?

  • The whole subject of trademarks is confusing to me.

Getting a trademark for your brand doesn’t have to be hard. Or confusing. Or expensive.

I can show you how.

Through a combination of live teaching, live Q & A, videos, worksheets, checklists and examples, I teach you:

  1. A basic understanding of trademarks, what it means to have a trademark, and the rights & responsibilities of being a trademark owner;

  2. How to decide what part(s) of your brand & business should be protected with a registered trademark;

  3. Strategies and tips for completing a trademark application so that you are submitting the best application you can, the first time (and why that is important)’

  4. How the application and registration process works in the United States, from start to finish, including timelines & key deadlines;

  5. By examples, how to complete an application with the USPTO and file the application;

  6. How to respond to USPTO Examining Attorneys, especially if they issue an Office Action;

  7. How to set up processes and procedures in your business so that you can file additional trademark applications when you need them; and,

  8. How to search the USPTO records, what search results mean, and how to use them in your brand development.

You’ll have access to the teachings, videos, call recordings, and all supporting materials through a secure Program Website, for 12 months.

Teaching content and Modules will become available to you on a weekly basis, after the Program officially begins.

Live teaching and Q&A calls will be held weekly during the first 4 Modules, so that you can prepare and file your application within the first 4 weeks and have an opportunity to ask questions as you have them.