I'm Kara, and I want to help you copycat proof your brand.

I am an 8-time entrepreneur while being an attorney for nearly 20 years. Filing hundreds of trademark applications, stopping copycats, writing contracts, providing brand protection & brand development consultations, I’ve had the pleasure and honor to work with thousands of women entrepreneurs, many who are names you would know.

Through all of the years of lawyering, and building and protecting brands, I have seen it all -- copycats, lost domains, stolen intellectual property but also, clients' products in Target, Anthropologie, QVC, HGTV, national TV shows, national magazines, and NY Fashion Week.

I've also seen brands disappear, because they didn't take the right steps to protect their name, logo, designs, content. That’s why it is my passion to empower you and teach you all I know about Brand Protection.



A Well-Protected Brand

No more hiring an attorney. I am here to teach you. Empower you. Create a legacy. Stop the copycats. And build a Well-Protected Brand.


Client Reviews

Kara gave me so much insight into developing my brand, how to protect it and what elemnts of it to protect. Two years after my consult, I still refer to my notes from working with her. The advice and direction she gave me has been spot on.”
— Michelle M.
Throughout my nearly 10 years of business, Kara has always been my go-to for brand protection counsel for both myself and my clients. She has always taken care of our needs.
— Casi D.
Kara is a rockstar at brand protection strategy.
— Anita O.